TO Packages

●Materials: In general we select from a variety of metals that depends largely on the fabricating method used

●Compression Seals: Compression seals are made of Cold Rolled Steel, e.g., AISI1010

●Matched seals: While matched seals are mainly made of Kovar (ASTM-F15) and Alloy 52 (ASTM-F30)

Product Detail

In general TO Packages, otherwise known as Transistor Outline packages, are a two part construction; a TO header and a TO cap. The header portion ensures that the hermetically sealed components receive power while the cap facilitates the transmission of optical signals. TO packages form the backbone for installing a wide range of optical and electronic components from basic electronic circuits all the up to semiconductors. Leads drawn out through the housing bring power to the sealed components. The performance of these components at the core of TO packages such as photo and laser diodes is of central importance because environmental factors can cause corrosion which in turn can bring about failure of the entire component. Jitai’s extensive experience with hermeticity brings a host of encapsulation techniques that ensure protection for the sealed components and that they are able to perform their intended function within the microelectronic package for years to come. We manufacture a wide array of conventional shapes and sizes of TO packages. Our R&D department also has full capabilities to work with clients on customized solutions. Our in-house plating department completes the production process, offering clients a variety of electroless and electrolytic plating options that include Ni, Ni-Au, and Ni-Ag.

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