Power Packages

●Housing materials: Housing utilizes CRS1010 or oxygen free copper for their heat dissipation qualities.

●Lead materials: Leads adopt low resistance copper cored alloy material which has exceptional capacity for current.

●Lids: Caps are sealed using parallel seam sealing technology.

●Pin options: Position of ground pin is determined by customer.

●Cap design: Caps are designed based on the housing’s dimensions

●Plating options: Customers select plating requirements, full or selective, according to their needs.

Product Detail

Power packages are recommended for projects where high thermal dissipation is crucial. In general Jitai uses computer numerical control milling (CNC milling) for the housing’s machined center.  However, we have an extensive range of tooling options that enables us to design and manufacture a wide selection of custom packages to suit nearly any project. The advantages of power packages are flexible design options, short turnaround for manufacturing, and high reliability in challenging environments. They are frequently utilized in thick and thin film hybrid integrated circuits. The housing itself is made of cold rolled steel (CRS1010) or oxygen free copper, both of which have excellent thermal conductive properties that dissipate heat produced by the inner circuit rapidly. Low resistance copper cored 4J50 alloy, suitable for the transmission of high current, is usually selected for leads. The leads are usually positioned in double columns and are generally 6 to 20 in number. The housing can accommodate large sizes and can be designed with a flanged base.

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