Opto-Electronic Packages

●Structural options: Various structural options for package enclosure, with a range of fibre feedthroughs and/or window cap designs.

●Materials: Different types of materials can be utilized for production, depending on the environmental requirements as specified by end user.

●Leads: Leads are generally designed in a rectangular cross section or in a circular section.

●Pin design: Most often leads are drawn out from the bottom or the sidewall while ranking formations are designed per customers’ needs.

●Lids: Cap sealing method is dictated per structural requirements of each package.

●Plating options: Clients have option of choosing full or selective Au plating for enclosure and/or pins.

Product Detail

Simply speaking, the goal of an opto-electronic package is to maintain structural integrity in extreme environments while simultaneously ensuring low optical insertion loss. Jitai manufactures opto-electronic packages in a variety of shapes and sizes which are further differentiated by multiple opto-channel design options. We choose from a host of forming and fabricating methods to best suit production needs.

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