Development And Industrialization Of Metal Sheet For Electrical Connectors
On Feb.25,2020,Market Department in Jitai Electronics Co.,Ltd organized the regular market meeting,In this meeting,we decided development electrical connectors rapidly to provide the whole world market with electrical connectors of better quality and better price.
Our research and development department pointed that electrical connectors were widely used in aerospace /aviation fields,due to requirement of less weight for electronic devices,the less density aluminum alloy have been widely and perfect materials for the assembly.Aluminum alloy material with high mechanical strength and good dissipation and mature technology and not difficult too high in fabrication and less cost in fabrication is suitable for mass usage, so that our company specialize one matched electrical connector for it.
We had achieved solutions for four technical difficulties by several years efforts.
1.Expansion coefficient could match aluminum alloy package and selection of materials for sealing with glass insulators.
2.Small glass sealing holes made the difficult in fabricating glass insulators and ensuring the out diameter matched tolerance as well as height matched the usage requirement.
3.Small lead pitch, thermal expansion coefficient between package and lead is large and design of mode is high.
4.The electroplating technology of the hollow lead with small glass holes
The development of the electrical connector made of Aluminum alloy will open the market for our company to join metal package assembly of the mirco rectangular electrical connector and improve the position in design and manfuacturing in the industry meanwhile improve the scientific research level in electrical connector package and make the technical preparation for technology development in higher level in the futher.
Jitai Electronics Co.,Ltd abide by endless innovation so that we never stop forward steps ,we all the time to provide customers with pominent solution as our direction of efforts.Via endless efforts, we will become the leader in the electrical conector field.


Post time: Oct-12-2020
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