Microwave Packages

●Structural options: There are many types of radio frequency housings, although their structures are usually flat.

●Housing options: Housings are divided into two types; single body and split brazing. The single body type is formed by a machined center, with flexible design options. For split brazing, we process the housing and the base separately before they are brazed.

●Base: The base must be manufactured with materials that dissipate heat well such as tungsten copper.


Microwave packages are a major component of what we do at Jitai. We produce a variety of RF packages with wide frequency capabilities. Jitai packages ensure that requirements for high frequencies, thermal capabilities, and hermeticity are all satisfied with cost-effective solutions. We have the facilities to design and manufacture fully customized solutions for all kinds of markets.  Jitai’s in-house plating department capable of both electroless and electrolytic processes enables us to control the entire production stage, ensuring our clients’ designs are delivered exactly as they were conceived. 


Over the years we have finely tuned our multi-step process of ensuring every single component passes all quality and functionality tests, tests that begin even before raw materials are on-boarded.  At this first stage, each shipment of raw materials undergoes an acceptance sampling method assortment which makes a determination about whether to accept the material.  If such a determination is made, the entire shipment is cleaned, a full inspection is performed, minor imperfections are buffed and polished, and stock is then warehoused. The second stage is conducted immediately following the initial assembly and brazing stages. Every single product undergoes an individual visual inspection followed by a preliminary hermeticity test. For hermeticity we utilize a helium leak test that is adjusted to meet the exacting air tightness requirements of our clients. Following the plating stage, each batch undergoes a sampling inspection and a coating bonding degree analysis. Products that make it past this stage are then subjected to  full inspection which includes scrutiny of appearance, construction, plating thickness, and a second helium tracer gas hermeticity test. Finally products are put through the full range of Factory Inspection trials. These include pin fatigue tests, a salt spray corrosion resistance test and analysis that relies on climate simulation equipment to test product performance. Once products are approved, they are individually vacuum-packed with a deoxidizing desiccant insert and ensconced in additional protective packaging before being shipped out. These efforts guarantee that every Jitai product delivered to you is of the same high quality as when it left the factory.

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