Microwave Packages

●Structural options: There are many types of radio frequency housings, although their structures are usually flat.

●Housing options: Housings are divided into two types; single body and split brazing. The single body type is formed by a machined center, with flexible design options. For split brazing, we process the housing and the base separately before they are brazed.

●Base: The base must be manufactured with materials that dissipate heat well such as tungsten copper.

Product Detail

Microwave packages are a major component of what we do at Jitai. We produce a variety of RF packages with wide frequency capabilities. Jitai packages ensure that requirements for high frequencies, thermal capabilities, and hermeticity are all satisfied with cost-effective solutions. We have the facilities to design and manufacture fully customized solutions for all kinds of markets.  Jitai’s in-house plating department capable of both electroless and electrolytic processes enables us to control the entire production stage, ensuring our clients’ designs are delivered exactly as they were conceived. 

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