HIC Packages

●Lead materials: Leads are made of Kovar, while the enclosure itself is made of Kovar, 4J42 or Cold Rolled Steel (CRS 1010), all of which are characterized by high reliability.

●Lid sealing: Lids utilize percussion welding, tin welding or laser welding to cap enclosure.

●Lead designs: Leads are cylindrical, straight, or bent. Bonding leads select cylindrical or nailhead pins per customers’ needs

●Lead layouts: The layout of leads usually adopt DIP or Quad Inline format but any layout can be designed per customers’ needs.

●Ground pin: The ground pin characteristics are determined by the customer.

●Insulator options: Glass insulators are BH series, DM-305 or Elan#13.

●Cap design: The design of the cap should fit the circumference of the package according to its dimensions.

●Plating options: Users can choose whole package gold plating or selective gold plated leads according to their needs.

Product Detail

Jitai’s extensive line-up of packages for Hybrid Integrated Circuits includes products such as platform and sidewall packages. The exterior housing is formed by mechanical stamping, which has the advantage of high production efficiency and is therefore suitable for mass production. Pins are drawn straight out from the bottom, usually in a double-row or four-row arrangement, suitable for plug-in installation. Dual Inline packages (DIP) or Quad Inline packages are also designed for plug-in assembly. We rely on materials such as Kovar 4J29 (Fe/Ni/Co alloy), 4J42, CRS 1010, for housings, glass and ceramic for insulators, and work closely with our clients to suggest materials we know will bring their projects to life.  

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