Circular Packages

●Housing construction: The enclosure is formed by mechanical stamping, which is highly efficient and therefore suitable for mass production. The leads are usually drawn out from the bottom which is compatible with the plug-in installation process.

●Housing materials: The enclosure can be made of 4J29 Kovar alloy, 4J42 or cold rolled steel, all of which are characterized by high reliability.

●Lead options: Leads are cylindrical and straight and usually constructed of 4J29. Users can select from columnar or ‘nail head’ style for the bonding end.

●Lead layouts: Leads are drawn out from the bottom with a variety of layout options designed according to user requirements.

●Ground pin: Position of the grounding pin is also determined by user's requirements.

●Lid sealing: Lids utilize percussion welding, tin welding or laser welding to cap enclosure and are designed to match the circumference of the enclosure.

●Plating options: Users can choose from full or selective gold plating for enclosure and leads.

Product Detail

Built to withstand extreme environments, Jitai’s circular packages, otherwise known as hermetic connectors, have an almost unlimited number of applications. From the sky to the sea, we provide conventional and customized solutions for an enormous range of connectivity challenges.  We specialize in glass and ceramic sealed circular packages that ensure the sensitive electronics enclosed in the package remain protected from the damaging features of the earth’s atmosphere and beyond. Jitai conducts a series of post-production quality checks to ensure harmful characteristics such as oxygen and humidity have no way of penetrating the enclosure, while ensuring its contents remain connected with the component as a whole.

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